We're pleased to make our live return under the banner of Scenic NYC, for our money the best independent booker in town--Friday May 19th in the Safari Room at Brooklyn's El Cortez.

We'll be playing tunes off our forthcoming record along with some old favorites, joined onstage by the sunny house vibes of Panama Papers and the avant-electropop of Prima Primo.

Get advance tix here and RSVP/share on Facebook--looking foward to seeing you there.




While working on a new record of our own we always welcome an interesting extracurricular here or there--particularly when the invitation comes from FJ DeSanto, a long-time musical comrade and collaborator with whom we've worked numerous times via his Hypefactor alias.

FJ's production and remix outfit Trade Secrets (who reworked our own Let Your Heart Speak My Name to gorgeous effect) has evolved into an electronic salon of sorts--numerous musicians united under the banner of FJ's stewardship to contribute to the release of Golden Life, a record inspired by his journeys to Tokyo and his year quietly battling a life-threatening illness.

The Dossier was priveleged to co-write and perform on the initial offering from the EP, the neon-lit and darkly romantic 'Only You'. The taster track is available to stream now with a single package featuring remixes (including work from fellow TS collaborator Peka) in the works and the full EP to follow via Distortion Productions in the spring.

Everyone involved in this project (and plenty beyond) can testify to FJ's firm friendship, fandom, artistry, and passion for music--a 'golden life' distilled in eclectic and beautiful fashion on this new record. We'll keep you posted on the full release dates and hope you will check it out.

Read more at ReGen.



Like many of you, we've been reeling from the situation here in the US, grappling with the unfortunate new reality of our child-in-chief and the vipers that surround him--his temper-tantrum barrage of bogus 'executive orders' has inflamed the world, and a brazen, thuggish atmosphere of intimidation and knuckle-dragging stupidity has suddenly become the new normal.

At the same time we've been stirred and encouraged by the protests here in New York City, from Fifth Avenue to JFK, and in cities across the country--regular folks galvanized by pure shock into political action, plenty for the first time in their lives.

Much to process; much to plan.

That climate can't help but find its way into your work--and we've been working. A full-length LP is in various stages of completion--certain songs gettling last coats of paint, others being reworked from the ground up--but we're hoping to share the first fruits of those efforts in the coming months, newly skewed in light of the speculative-fiction reality we all now occupy.

Political--and the personal as political.

It always is.

We're also keen to get back out on the stage and road-test this new material, with an emphasis on playing places we've never been.

So apologies for the extended silence and rest assured we're on the case. If little else this stark sort of era reminds you that nothing is promised and nothing is written--you, we, make the world.

Keep up with us on our social media fronts where you'll find more day-to-day updates and it's easier for us to communicate and collaborate: Instagram, TwitterFacebook.

We'll see you soon on one barricade or another.

XO The Dossier



It's been a hell of a dispiriting week--we don't need to explain why--and needless to say, today we're all living in a more dangerous world. But music's always been a genuine salvation and refuge for us, and that's only more the case now.

While you summon your steel and get your battle plan together, enjoy our curated electronic 'interludes' set that played between the acts at our recent live show celebrating the 10th Anniversary and final outing of SPLICE--we nod at a range of electronic music over the last 40 years to celebrate the eclectic nature of the party, which we were proud to spin at over the last several years.

From us to you: we're in this together.



From Tuesday night's stand at The Bowery Electric for the final SPLICE: Eclectic Electronics party.

(photo: William Murray)



We've been away from the stage for longer than we'd have liked, dutifully tightening the screws on a new LP--but we inevitably got the itch, decided to scratch, and rounded up some friends electric old and new to join us for an evening at The Bowery Electric in NYC Tuesday November 1.

We're live with an all-new set--a preview of much of the new record--joined by supreme commander of electro Maxx Klaxon, who presents his election-themed multimedia opus AUTHORITARIAN IDOL; dystopian analog synth-punk duo GHOST COP; and a special modular synth + visual performance by Chris Ianuzzi of I, Synthesist renown and Jeremy Slater. (You'll recognize Maxx and Chris as the founders and stewards of eclectic electronic salon SPLICE, for which The Dossier has DJ'd a number of times).

Doors 7:30pm, show at 8pm--$8 advance, $10 at the door, 21+. RSVP to the Facebook event page for more details and to let us know you'll be joining us after all this while. Spread the word and we'll see you Tuesday November 1.