From (a) Russia(n) (comment board) with love: "If this album had been released by Erasure, there'd be thirty pages of comments with everybody singing its praises, instead here's some Dossier we've never heard of...the album is excellent!"

Check it out for yourself.



A signed limited edition gatefold version of Strange Arrangements, looking right at home in a discriminating German record collection (and given pride of place next to a mid-aughts musical outfit of ill repute).

Shipped worldwide--order your own copy here.

Photo: Luisa Schafer



Our Los Angeles friend Mathilde concentrates on her first listen.

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Photo: FJ DeSanto



We're excited to announce that the physical edition of our new LP Strange Arrangements is in from the pressing plant and will begin shipping directly from us Wednesday 10.15.14

The strictly limited 6-panel gatefold digipak features gorgeous photography by our collaborator William Murray, as well as the album's lyrics and liner notes.

Order via Bandcamp ($10 + shipping) and immediately get the digital LP in the high-resolution file format of your choosing to tide you over while we ship out your CD package--get your copy here.

Prefer the ephemeral? You can grab the LP in the high-res digital format of your choice via Bandcamp (your best bet at $7), or via iTunes and other good digital retailers now.



“(It’s) hard not to get carried away in the strong melodies…(a) dense sound where guitars and powerful, epic drum arrangements are wrapped carefully in a blanket of analog bass lines, sleek synths, and an original and consistently strong vocal performance.” -


More than one wrong turn was made, and the road was most definitely byzantine--but we're finally ready to share our debut LP Strange Arrangements.

Other outlets will follow, but initially we're offering the LP exclusively via Bandcamp, for our money the most independent artist-friendly distribution going at the moment--you can stream the entire record above, and should you like what you hear, Bandcamp is the best place to get high-quality digital files (FLAC, AAC, MP3 320, etc) for only $7 and where the artist (that's us) gets the healthiest slice of that pie.

For the collectors, there's the option of ordering the limited edition 6-panel gatefold digipak CD, with full album lyrics and gorgeous photos by our collaborator William Murray, for $10--a slight production delay with the pressing plant means that will ship in a couple of weeks, but you'll get the full-quality digital LP instantly with your pre-order to enjoy in the meantime and we'll keep you posted on your arrival date.

In an era of race-to-the-bottom, disposably 'free' we hope you'll consider buying the record--an awful lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears went into its making and a purchase helps ensure we'll be able to get you more new music in the future. We hope you enjoy and will let us know what you think!



The Dossier would like to invite you to the first of our curated electronic soirees, PLUG 01, Tuesday September 16 at NYC's The Bowery Electric. PLUG intends to be a semi-regular showcase for live performers working across the spectrum of electronic music, from pop to techno to ambient to noise and every square wave in between, all glued together by the selections of a rotating guest DJ.

The maiden voyage sees a rare electronic smorgasbord take the stage: Lost Children, the solo guise of Avery Brooks (Ice Choir), an outfit that blends elements of new wave, darkwave, and electro; Blush Response, the primary outlet of modular sound terrorist Joey Blush, a thick amalgam of glitchy beats and industrial flavors; and yours truly, The Dossier, who will be celebrating the release of the Strange Arrangements LP at long last, out digitally that day (with the limited physical edition following a week later), playing favorites from the record as well as new, unheard material. Guest DJ Derek Rush (Compactor, A Murder of Angels) builds the evening's sonic scaffolding before, between, and after the live acts.

The circuits get bent at The Bowery Electric, where the ghosts of CBGB have surely taken up residence in rebuke to the strip of luxury hotels that's replaced the rock dives and SROs. Tuesday September 16, doors 7:30pm, 21+, $8 tickets in advance, $10 at the door. RSVP and preview line-up details on the Facebook event page, and come help us fill the live electronic hole with PLUG.