Like many of you, we've been reeling from the situation here in the US, grappling with the unfortunate new reality of our child-in-chief and the vipers that surround him--his temper-tantrum barrage of bogus 'executive orders' has inflamed the world, and a brazen, thuggish atmosphere of intimidation and knuckle-dragging stupidity has suddenly become the new normal.

At the same time we've been stirred and encouraged by the protests here in New York City, from Fifth Avenue to JFK, and in cities across the country--regular folks galvanized by pure shock into political action, plenty for the first time in their lives.

Much to process; much to plan.

That climate can't help but find its way into your work--and we've been working. A full-length LP is in various stages of completion--certain songs gettling last coats of paint, others being reworked from the ground up--but we're hoping to share the first fruits of those efforts in the coming months, newly skewed in light of the speculative-fiction reality we all now occupy.

Political--and the personal as political.

It always is.

We're also keen to get back out on the stage and road-test this new material, with an emphasis on playing places we've never been.

So apologies for the extended silence and rest assured we're on the case. If little else this stark sort of era reminds you that nothing is promised and nothing is written--you, we, make the world.

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We'll see you soon on one barricade or another.

XO The Dossier