Life intervenes--sometimes in gently crushing fashion. We've been away, and yet never been away at all.

New music of our own crouches in the wings, waiting (for spring?) to spring--warped, weathered, and beaten into shape by the surreal world we all find ourselves living in. It's a different animal.

In the meantime, we've been moonlighting with our musical cousins Trade Secrets. (Occasionally one needs to leave home to find it.)

If you missed out, Before We Vanish was released last fall and features The Dossier on two tracks, Broken Instincts and Games. A remix/re-work from us for the second mighty single from the LP, Answers, sees daylight soon (look up). Read a review of the smashing full-length from ReGen.

Stray vocals contributed to the forthcoming The New Division record and a collaboration with an old comrade from Joy Machine lie on deck.

Back to the beginning to arrive at the present. Send in the clowns.